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Parents Praise Arrow!



Testimony from Ms. Adeniruju, parent of a 4th grader at Liberation

“Arrow Liberation Academy is the best charter school in Texas. The teachers are highly dedicated,

class room sizes are small, teachers are committed to educating students, the environment is very

conducive for learning and teachers give prompt feedback to parents. We have no regret for sending

our children to this school. The results speak for itself.”  Abimbola Adeniruju


Testimony from Ms. Mullin, parent of a 4th grader at Liberation

"I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with the education my daughter Davainea is

receiving at Arrow Academy. Davainea has been attending Arrow Liberation since 2nd grade and

is currently in the 4th Grade. She will also be returning for her 5th grade year.


Davainea has had great success with all her classes at Arrow. The teachers go above and beyond

every day. Davainea is pushed to excel beyond what she believes is her limit is and the end result

has been so awesome. The communication and information from the office and supporting staff

has also been a very good experience. I honestly believe that the entire staff at Liberation from

Dr. Sanders all the way down has Davainea and all of the student’s best interest at heart.



I look forward to Davainea’s continuing progress. I cannot thank all of her teachers and the staff

enough for the wonderful job that they are doing. YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!!"


Testimony from Ms. Steward, parent of a 3rd grader at Liberation

"We chose Arrow Academy for my son to attend school because we felt like he would benefit from

the educational environment at Arrow as opposed to what he was receiving at his previous school.

The demands on his school work are much more beneficial to him now. Arrow Academy provided

him with teachers who are able to be more hands on with Deion and give him the proper attention

he needs. We really like the family-like atmosphere at Arrow Academy. My son has improved

significantly in his academics since he started at Arrow."


Testimony from Ms. DeJear, parent of a 5th grader at Liberation
“This educational experience has been life-changing for my son. He struggled with reading prior

to coming here and after consistent guided reading and explicit reading instruction, he not only

was back on grade level for reading but he scored Advanced on his Reading STAAR test in 3rd

grade. The one to one technology and individualized approach allowed him to receive the

intervention he needed in Reading while concurrently receiving enrichment in Math and Science,

his two favorite subjects. “


Testimony from Ms. Wright, parent of a Kindergarten student at Champions Academy

     "I love the small class size and individual attention given to each student. It's comforting to know

        that my son attends a school where each teacher and member of the administrative staff takes the

         time and makes the effort to be familiar with each student and their parents. I feel that the staff do 

    a wonderful job in identifying the personal needs of the child and adapting to meet those needs.

      I recommend the school all the time and I wish other public schools would follow the same model."


Testimony from Ms. Fountain, parent of a Kindergarten student at Champions Academy

"One word for Arrow Academy and that is 'great'. Since my son has been enrolled in this school he has

advanced in so many ways. The teachers, principal, and staff are all phenomenal and work towards

one goal which is 'success of the children with no child left behind.'"