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What is a charter school?
A charter school is a free, state-funded public school.  Charters are open to anyone interested in the charter school’s mission and vision as long as they are within the boundaries defined by the chartering authority in the Charter application.
What is the difference between a charter school and a public school?
A charter school provides families a choice of the school most suitable for their child’s educational well-being. Charters encourage innovative practices and are one of the fastest growing reforms in the country. Charter schools have their own school board, and the Leadership Education Foundation Board of Directors will be required to work with students and the school faculty to closely align decisions with student needs. (The learning center’s Community Advisory Council will be actively involved in monitoring and participating in the success at Arrow Academy.)
Charters are required to follow the Texas Education Agency charter school guidelines.
What are the admission requirements?
Click here to view our Admissions processes. 
Will Arrow Academy be a Christian school or have any religious curriculum?
Charter schools may not have any type of religious or faith-based programs.  Arrow Academy will have an open door policy for families to observe their child’s classroom and participate in volunteer aspects of the school, so they can see firsthand what is taught and be equal partners in the school’s educational program.
How do you select the Learning Center locations?
While there are many factors considered, we start by considering locations where we have a tremendous community-based partner that is focused on youth and education.
How does Arrow Academy benefit the Learning Center’s community?
We believe school choice benefits both students and the community. We feel we are offering the best of a traditional school’s education and expanding and transforming the classroom for the 21st century classroom to meet all students’ needs in actions. We recognize the challenges facing every classroom teacher in doing their job effectively with mounds of mandates, ineffective development strategies and a classroom of individual needs and learning styles without necessarily being given the tools to meet the individual needs. Our school will model methods to overcome and ensure students, parents and teachers are re-energized about the reasons and purpose they are part of a public education system.

What grades will be at the Learning Center?
While Arrow Academy offers a K-12 model, the grades offered at each Learning Center are determined by the Learning Center.

What will the yearly calendar be like?
Arrow Academy will follow the local School District Calendar to align consistent schedules for parents with children attending other schools within the community.
Will Arrow Academy provide transportation for students?
Charter schools are not required to provide transportation to all students. However, each campus has a bus with a limited range. Depending on the location of the student(s) home in proximity, transportation may be provided. Please inquire with desired campus. 
Will Arrow Academy provide after school programs for students?
The Houston campuses provide an after-school program at each of the campuses. Please click here for more information.

Will students at Arrow Academy take the STAAR test, which replaced the TAKS test?
Students in Texas public schools, including charter schools, must take all required state assessments.

How does Arrow Academy incorporate technology?
Blended learning will be incorporated into all classrooms and instruction. Blended Learning means a student will receive direct instruction from their teacher as well as practice within the classroom and independently (at home or after regular school hours) using computer based practice and instruction that will pace students at the appropriate level a student understands. A student can be re-taught or accelerated depending on the level of understanding of the concept taught during that unit’s lesson.  Each student will use a personal computer as part of the instructional support for learning every day in Arrow Academy. 
What are the requirements for teachers at Arrow Academy?
Arrow Academy founders realize the success of a school depends on outstanding, committed, and caring teachers. Arrow Academy will hire highly qualified, state-certified teachers in all curriculum areas.