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Brooke Giles

Quote from Brooke Giles, Fine Arts Teacher:

“It has been an honor and pleasure working for Arrow Academy for the past 6 years.  Having experienced two different schools and leaders, with very different leadership styles, within Arrow Academy's system; the top-down culture of professional growth and respect is evident, clear and consistent. Even with their differences, both administrators were diligent in putting to practice Arrow's organizational values of the EXCEL model, and teacher mastery, development and growth. With the absence of punitive measures and bureaucracy, Arrow Academy is a safe place to grow and be developed into a masterful teacher and well-rounded leader.   I am continuously challenged to hone my skills in order to provide exceptional instruction and character development opportunities to our students. While working for Arrow, I have been given the freedom to design my instruction and create/lead campus initiatives that align with my conceptual thinking preference and creative spirit. What makes Arrow a jewel is that all this happens in a warm, healthy and supportive work environment. My director and colleagues are truly my second family.”



Ashley Rehkopf

Quote from Ashley Rehkopf, Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher:

"When I first moved to College Station I did not know what to expect. I had just graduated from college and gotten married. Shortly after I moved here I received a call from Arrow Academy requesting an interview for a teaching position. Interview went well and I got the job! The first thing that caught my attention was how Arrow isn’t just a school but we are a family. We are a very close knit group who encourage each other and support each other.  We started professional development and that was where all my nerves were calmed. The support and love that the faculty at Arrow Academy showed me was outstanding. It didn’t just end with the professional development, it continues throughout the entire school year. I remember leaving work and calling my family just to brag on Arrow Academy and vent to them how much I enjoy teaching here. Being a first year teacher is one of the most frightening situations but I could not imagine a better first year of teaching. Being able to show kids what love really looks like and watch lightbulbs come on when they finally comprehend something brings pure joy. A rare benefit that comes with teaching at Arrow Academy is that your salary increase is not primarily based on experience or years worked; instead it is based off of performance.  This just shows how much Arrow Academy wants children to get the absolute best education they can get."



Brian Roswell

Quote from Brian Roswell, 3-5 Math Teacher:

“As an educator at Arrow Academy, I work collaboratively with an amazing team who share a universal vision to humanize the teaching profession.  Through Capturing Kids Heart (CKH), Arrow Academy creates a safe learning environment to cultivate academic success.  Partnering with Emergenetics, teachers are trained to deliver impactful lessons based on the various learning preference of each student.  Another unique aspect of Arrow Academy is the ability to differentiate instruction through the use of one-to-one technology.  Communication is seamless and our voices are heard.  Compensation is not based on tenured years of service but rather, the fidelity and passion we put forth to carry-out the mission and vision of Arrow Academy.  If you advocate strong work ethics to elevate this profession, Arrow Academy welcomes your consideration.”



Angela Davis

Quote from Angela Alva, Kindergarten Teacher:

"I never thought Arrow Academy would have been the ideal district to begin my career as an educator. However, once employed, I was pleased to know that my salary would be based on my performance versus my experience. But the best benefit of all, is that I have the opportunity to work in a great district with a group of wonderful teachers who embody the essence of family.”




Quote from Clarissa Crayton, 1st/2nd ELA Teacher:

"Working with Arrow Academy has been one of the most rewarding career experiences I have had in teaching. As a 1st/2nd grade ELA teacher with the district for over 5 years, I have seen so much growth and progress in our students as well as myself and other co-workers. One of the most enjoyable things that I love about our district is our morning engagements. Every day as a school, we get a chance to engage with every student before the day starts and come together on one accord. I truly feel that is what makes our school feel more like a family. Additionally, our campuses have truly amazing and supportive administration and support staff. Needless to say, I love what I do and with whom and where I get to do it!!!"