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The Need

Though Arrow Academy is an open-enrollment charter school available to all public school students, we specifically focus our efforts to enroll students who are:
  1. seeking motivation and inspiration in their learning environment where time is flexible in mastering academic skills,
  2. frustrated or bored with the pace of learning in traditional classrooms that does not meet their individual cognitive needs,
  3. seeking a safe environment that is focused on relationships and academics with trusted staff and community members,
  4. attending a neighborhood public school that has been rated, in one of the previous three years, as “academically unacceptable.”
The Difference
The standard learning model, characterized by: predetermined class size, one teacher per group of students, non-flexible lengths of periods or instructional segments, common assignments for all, and minimal variation in instruction based on academic understanding, proves to be impractical on many levels for many students. It’s simply not the best fit. As an alternative to the traditional learning model, Arrow Academy and its founders created an innovative and unique educational model that is focused on the transformative change at every level of the student’s education. This new paradigm in education has many components that set it apart:
  • Blended model / master teachers and advanced technology for individualized instruction
  • Unique classroom setting / schools housed in neighborhood facilities like churches, recreation centers, etc. where kids live
  • Pre-existing bonds between students and teachers / mentors and teachers come from the community and have a natural connection to the kids
  • Personal attention / individualized learning that allows students to catch up, then accelerate
  • College credit / for all high school students
  • Community centered, community driven / leverage every appropriate relationship available to kids: parents, grandmothers, aunts, volunteers, teachers, pastors, youth workers, coaches
  • Small classes / better teacher-student ratios for deeper personal relationships – eliminates “warehousing” of challenging students
  • Publicly funded / access to public funds for operations
  • Stellar leadership / meticulous hiring practices ensure the best qualified people in management and academic leadership positions


Arrow Academy believes every young person can learn and ultimately overcome great obstacles to achieve success. Arrow's unique and innovative approach to life-long learning makes this possible.
HEART -Relationships are the foundation of learning. Our staff will teach by capturing every kid's heart.
MIND - We recognize each child has an individual brain, and how that brain learns and retains information is unique. We have redesigned the classroom to match the way our children retain and process information so they are set up for success from the start.
TIME - Mastering skills takes time. At Arrow, the time allotted to learn and practice concepts is flexible so students truly master each skill before moving on to the next.
TECHNOLOGY - Technology plays an important role in our society, and the process of learning is no exception. We fill the gaps of learning with an engaging technology system that re-teaches concepts and enriches the learning experience to inspire our learners wherever they are in their development.
WHOLE PERSON - Quality education goes far beyond core subjects and grades. We believe character matters much more than image, and we work hard to develop the solid character and healthy life-long habits required for long-term success.
Then, and only then, we will celebrate!