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Arrow Academy will provide a comprehensive and quality education experience designed for all students, based on proven methods of instruction in a safe, flexible, non-threatening and adult-supported environment. The foundation of learning in the school setting is mastery learning. Time will become flexible in practice, compared with the structured schedule currently found in most of our classrooms. Mastery learning is a process of instruction, which we facilitate through using teacher instruction driven by solid lesson plans, integrated technology that supports the student, and independent support as needed.

Arrow Academy will align to Texas State Standards with a comprehensive education. We will adopt textbooks from the State approved list, and use C-Scope, a program developed by Texas for Texas to support digital learning being led by the teacher. Nationally renowned CompassLearning will provide the integrated technology component available to every student in every classroom via web-based applications.

In the future, Arrow Academy will offer our secondary students a college and Workstart preparatory education that is focused on each student’s individual learning needs. The relevant academic program includes: English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Technology, Physical Education, and Fine Arts. We are committed to each student’s long-term success, which is why we desire for each secondary student to have work certification and/or a semester of college when they earn their high school diploma.