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Arrow Academy Technology Lending Program

The Arrow Academy Technology Lending Program is part of the Learning Acceleration Support Opportunities (LASO) grant which provides eligible scholars with access to essential technology resources to support their learning both in and out of the classroom. Arrow Academy has committed to providing Chromebooks for our scholars. The Chromebook should be used to enhance learning, both at school and at home. 


This Program is designed to ensure that all scholars have equitable access to the tools and resources necessary for academic success. Through this program, they will have the opportunity to borrow a Chromebook for the duration of their time at Arrow Academy. These devices are equipped with educational software and applications to support their learning across various subjects and disciplines.


Additionally, we understand that access to the internet is essential for completing assignments and engaging in online learning activities. If your scholar does not have internet access at home, we are pleased to offer the option of providing a hotspot device. This will enable them to connect to the internet at home, ensuring that they can fully participate in virtual learning experiences and access online resources for instructional purposes. These hotspots will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.


We will have a technologist available at the campus on certain days to distribute devices, including hotspots, to students who need them. We will provide you with more information about the distribution schedule once we receive confirmation of participation and hotspot requirements.


We are excited about the opportunities that the Arrow Academy Technology Lending Program will provide and we look forward to supporting your scholar in utilizing these resources to enhance their learning experience.




Arrow Academy will do everything possible to protect students while they are on the Internet, but nothing replaces parent monitoring while students are using their devices.