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Arrow Academy Celebrates School Board Recognition Month!

School Board Recognition Month

January 2022

Arrow Academy is proud to join over 1,200 school districts and public charter school systems throughout Texas to celebrate January as School Board Recognition Month.  The men and women serving Arrow Academy as board members are: David Shellenberger, President; Carmen Sifuentez Maxwell, Secretary, Brian Lee, Board Member, Myrna Lopez, Board Member, and Sam Smith, Board Member.

“Our school board members are volunteers who are charged with the responsibility of governance that includes promoting enhanced student academic achievement, financial stability, and policy decision making all without pay. “The Board’s goal is always to ensure that every scholar at Arrow Academy is afforded a high-quality public education,” Arrow Academy Superintendent Dr. Audrey Sanders said. “Celebrating School Board Recognition Month is one way to show gratitude for all that they do.”

The Board members are a critical link between the community, classroom, and our stakeholders. The Leadership Education Foundation board members are appointed to establish the policies that provide the framework for Arrow Academy.  The LEF Board for Arrow Academy is responsible for almost 500 students, 65 employees, and 4 campuses.

At Arrow Academy, the Board consists of 5 appointed community members with backgrounds in areas such as public school administration in independent school districts and charters, gas and oil industries, outreach ministries, real estate development, and more. These individuals bring their personal expertise with a shared vision of excellence for our scholars to their role as an Arrow Academy advocate.

The key roles and responsibilities of the Board members of the Leadership of Educational Foundation for Arrow Academy are:

  • To select and employ a Superintendent to serve as the chief administrator of the district;
  • To approve an annual budget that ensures the District's ability to maintain financial stability;
  • To add, revise or delete policies that guide District actions as recommended by the Texas Association of School Board's Policy Service and in line with actions of the Texas Legislature and the Texas Education Agency;
  • To develop a mission statement with goals that will ensure the educational success of every student in the District;
  • To communicate the District's vision and direction to the community and the stakeholders of Arrow Academy.
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