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Free Internet for Students

Houston Area Students
  • If you do not have cable, COMCAST internet covers the majority of Arrow Academy families’ neighborhoods and offers the “Internet Essentials” program for any household eligible for the free/reduced school lunch program.
  • Starting March 16, the “Internet Essentials” program will be free to these households for 60 days, however the family must apply, be approved and schedule installation of the necessary equipment in the home.
  • The link for the COMCAST program is
  • Additionally, COMCAST is unlocking all of the Xfinity Wi-Fi hot spots and access will be free temporarily. The free Xfinity Wi-Fi hot spots can be found at 
S.O.S Students
  • Parents can call 1-866-633-0030 and set up a new account.
  • All they have to provide is their first and last name and the address they would like serviced. The representative will ask them if they have a child K-12, but that is all. They will not require documentation or any additional information.
  • The company will not require payment information, and they will not complete a credit check. 
  • NO contract will be completed or signed
  • They will then be set up for 30 mbps service and someone will be sent out to their home to begin the installation and service
  • There is no installation or equipment fees
  • After 60 days, parents must call Suddenlink to cancel the service if they wish to do so. Otherwise, a bill for $14.99 will be sent  if they wish to pay to continue the service. If they do not cancel, they will get the statement, but will not be charged as they won't have the payment information yet.
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