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Superintendent's Message

Welcome to the Arrow Academy and Leadership Education Foundation website. We are pleased you have taken the time to visit our site and see how our efforts in transforming school instruction and student learning is working in Arrow Academy.

Let me say what a great honor it is to be a part of leading Arrow Academy and working with the Leadership Education Foundation Board, Directors, staff, parents, community partners and our students who make up this great organization. It is with pride and excitement that we join together in our efforts to provide the children of our school and four community campuses an excellent education founded on relationships, teaching at the students' rate of learning, teacher and technology embedded together in the learning process, small class sizes, small learning environments, ensuring high expectations and demanding outstanding performance of our organization academically, socially and personally.

Arrow Academy desires to build on this website to meet your communication needs as we progress together as an organization. We hope this site will provide you with the information you need to understand our school and expectations when being a part of our school.

We are looking forward to an exciting new school year with each one of you who are a part of our organization and have signed on to make a true difference in our students' lives so they all can become successful citizens from this unique educational landscape in Arrow Academy.



Dr. Jim Christensen


Arrow Academy