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Resources and Training



1:1 Technology – Each teacher and student has their own personal computer.


Edgenuity (formerly Compass Learning) - An online curriculum used to provide a differentiated experience for each individual student at their own pace that complements the instruction of our teachers. It facilitates small group learning, reinforces students at lower levels of proficiency, and challenges accelerated learners. 


TEKS Resource – An online curriculum management system aligned specifically with the TEKS standards across all core subjects and elementary school grade levels. By using TEKS Resource, our teachers have the capability to create engaging lesson plans for targeted success in the classroom.


Mentoring Minds Motivation – Student and teacher workbooks in print and online supplemental curriculum for math, science, reading, writing and critical thinking. The series is aligned to TEKS and aimed at helping students perform well on the STAAR test.


Data Management for Assessment and Curriculum (DMAC) – A powerful tool that allows teachers to work smarter not harder in preparing students for the STAAR test. DMAC breaks down STAAR scores in a format that highlights student strengths and weaknesses in order to make effective instructional decisions. 


Learning A-Z – Ranked the #1 reading instruction resource of more than 18,000 K-5 teachers for its extensive collection of leveled reading resources. It uses a data driven approach that creates customized online resources for science, writing and language for each student and allows teachers to target each student’s unique skills. 


STEMScopes – We partner with Accelerate Learning, a teacher designed software, as a resource for science instruction. This technology helps our teachers create engaging lesson plans that allow for hands on student interaction. 


Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress (MAPS) - A nationally recognized assessment taken three times a year that adapts to each student’s learning level—precisely measuring student progress and growth for each individual. This helps teachers to identify gaps in student learning and differentiate students allowing for effective small group instruction. 


Arrow also utilizes GoPhonics and Leveled Literacy Intervention.




The Literacy Link – Personalized coaching and consulting service provided to our teachers for lesson plan development, writer’s workshop, content delivery of ELA material, and balanced literacy through ongoing support.


Student/Teacher Emergenetics Program (STEP) – Technical profile reports that reveal individual learning styles for teachers and students. Teachers understand their own instructional tendencies and learn to diversify their instruction to support all learning styles. On-site professional development assists staff in creating lesson plans that support individual student learning styles which maximize engagement and performance. 


Capturing Kids’ Hearts® (CKH) – Every teacher at Arrow Academy will attend CKH, the nationally recognized training, which helps the teacher raise the bar on student performance and effectively manage motivational classrooms. CKH aligns a teacher’s passion for educating with the tools to solve challenges and establish a culture and climate of collaboration in the classroom. 


Arrow also provides training in lesson plans, visual learning research strategies, Fine Arts, PE, Teach Like A Champion® and use of Thinking Maps.