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Grading Guidelines


Grading Description: 

  • Teachers should follow new grading guidelines: two grades per week, per content area.
  • These grades will be entered as an E, S, N, or U. 
  • One grade is for evidence of effort in completing of the work and one grade for evidence of proficiency of the TEKS learning objective(s) covered. 
  • Kindergartners will continue to receive a 1, 2, or 3.


Evidence of lessons completed MAY include:

  • Teacher/Student conference via phone or Zoom (verbal quiz, student recordings, or discussions)
  • Taking pictures of completed work and emailing it to teachers weekly
  • Work submitted through Google Classroom, Seesaw, email
  • Other options specified by the classroom teacher


Grading Scale for 1st – 6th Grade:

E = Excellent:  The student demonstrates mastery/understanding above that which is normally expected, is always cooperative, and always observes school expectations and works diligently on assigned tasks. 

S = Satisfactory:  The student demonstrates mastery/understanding that is normally expected, is cooperative, and generally observes school expectations and works on assigned tasks.

N = Needs Improvement:  The student does not yet demonstrate

mastery/understanding, the student does not complete assigned tasks.

U = Unsatisfactory:  The student does not yet demonstrate mastery/understanding

and the student does not put forth adequate effort to complete assigned tasks.


Grading Scale for Kindergartners:

1= Advanced Development

2= Developing as Expected

3= More Development Needed

Grades with the following designation: 

*Student Working Above Grade Level 

#Student Working on a Modified Learning Plan

The Arrow Way Grading Cycle:
Coming Soon