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Grading Guidelines


Grading Description: 

  • Teachers should follow new grading guidelines: two grades per week, per content area.
  • These grades will be entered as an E, S, N, or U. 
  • One grade is for evidence of effort in completing of the work and one grade for evidence of proficiency of the TEKS learning objective(s) covered. 
  • Kindergartners will continue to receive a 1, 2, or 3.


Evidence of lessons completed MAY include:

  • Teacher/Student conference via phone or Zoom (verbal quiz, student recordings, or discussions)
  • Taking pictures of completed work and emailing it to teachers weekly
  • Work submitted through Google Classroom, Seesaw, email
  • Other options specified by the classroom teacher


Grading Scale for 1st – 6th Grade:

E = Excellent:  The student demonstrates mastery/understanding above that which is normally expected, is always cooperative, and always observes school expectations and works diligently on assigned tasks. 

S = Satisfactory:  The student demonstrates mastery/understanding that is normally expected, is cooperative, and generally observes school expectations and works on assigned tasks.

N = Needs Improvement:  The student does not yet demonstrate

mastery/understanding, the student does not complete assigned tasks.

U = Unsatisfactory:  The student does not yet demonstrate mastery/understanding

and the student does not put forth adequate effort to complete assigned tasks.


Grading Scale for Kindergartners:

1= Advanced Development

2= Developing as Expected

3= More Development Needed

Grades with the following designation: 

*Student Working Above Grade Level 

#Student Working on a Modified Learning Plan


The Arrow Way Grading Cycle:

  • 4th Nine Weeks Progress Report will be sent May 1, 2020
  • 4th Nine Weeks Report Card will be mailed to the address on file June 4, 2020

Additional communication from Arrow Academy related to promotion and retention will be communicated to families at a later date. Please feel free to contact your child’s campus for more information. 

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